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Facing criminal charges in the Bronx?

When you have been charged with any type of crime, your future is at risk. A conviction could not only result in criminal penalties, it could also ruin your career, as you would have a criminal record which would follow you into every job interview in the future. You need a White Plains criminal defense attorney who really understands how much is at stake and will do everything possible to help you achieve a favorable outcome. There are many steps to take in the court process and while each case may differ, the process of fighting criminal charges is always a difficult one. The following are some areas of criminal law that suspects and their families may find themselves involved in.

The first time you will likely see your loved one after an arrest is at the arraignment, which occurs before the defendant is released from jail. The judge will formally read the charges, and your loved one will have to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. Having an attorney present at this stage can help to keep the amount set for bail as low as possible.

What is said and done by the suspect and the police officers during the arrest will often set the stage for everything that happens after an arrest, as either party may make mistakes which will lead to an unfavorable outcome regardless of the evidence that was gathered during the pre-arrest investigation.

Domestic Violence
The police respond immediately domestic violence calls, and they will nearly always make an arrest to prevent the situation from getting out of control. If you were taken into custody, there may be a protective order against you which can make life difficult, as well as the fact that you face prosecution from the state regardless of whether the alleged victim wants to press charges.

Drinking and driving is not merely a traffic offense, it is a crime, and if you have been charged with DWI you can be sent to jail, as well as losing your driver's license. There are several ways to fight a drunk-driving charge, whether this is a first DUI offense or if you have been convicted of multiple DUI offenses in the past.

Drug Offenses
If you have been arrested on drug related charges, you must take immediate defensive action, as our state provides harsh punishments for crimes such as possession, trafficking, distribution and cultivation. Even if you were caught in possession of marijuana or other drugs, it may be possible to have the charges dropped on the basis that your rights were violated in the investigation or arrest.

Have you been charged with a felony offense? Felonies are the most serious type of crime in our state, carrying a minimum sentence of one year in prison. There are several classes of felony, depending on the type of crime, but having any one of them on your criminal record can effectively ruin your future career.

Internet Crimes
There are numerous crimes that can be committed through the Internet, and these offenses have been on the rise in our country for several years. Internet scams, cyberstalking, and identity theft are all investigated and prosecuted by federal agencies, and conviction will result in severe penalties such as 30 years in jail.

Juvenile Crimes
When your child has been arrested for a crime, it is advisable to seek private legal representation as early as possible to avoid serious negative consequences. The District Attorney may choose to prosecute your child as an adult if the crime is sufficiently serious. Failure to act now could cost your child's educational and career opportunities.

Misdemeanors are often looked upon as a less serious type of crime, but with the penalties you could receive, you cannot afford to take chances with the outcome of your case. You can be sent to county jail for up to one year, fined and placed on probation, and you would have a criminal record for the rest of your life.

Probation & Parole
When it is not possible to secure an acquittal or a dismissal of the charges, the best option is usually to seek probation in place of jail time, while an individual serving a sentence may seek parole in order to get out early. If you have been accused of violating the terms of your probation or parole, it is vital to defend the charges, as you will not likely get a second chance.

Sex Offenses
If you have been charged with any type of sex offense, from indecent exposure to sexual assault or rape, you not only face penalties such as jail or prison, fines and probation, but you may also be required to register as a sex offender, exposing you to major social stigma and limiting your options for where you can live and work.

Theft Crimes
Theft crime charges can have a major impact on your future, as many employers and landlords will turn down your application when you have a conviction for burglary, larceny or robbery on your criminal record. The sentence you could receive for a theft crime depends on factors such as the value of stolen goods, whether you used a weapon or physical force, and any prior convictions you may have.

Violent Crimes
Being charged with a violent crime can place your future in jeopardy, and you deserve to have an attorney who will fight for you. Whether you have been arrested for assault, armed robbery, murder or manslaughter, there may be ways to resolve the situation such as by demonstrating that you acted in self-defense or that you have been falsely accused.

Weapons Crimes
Our state has strict laws on the possession, sale, handling and use of all types of weapons, and if you have been charged with a weapons related offense it is advisable to retain private legal counsel immediately. Certain weapons are illegal under any circumstances, while others are prohibited without a license or permit.

White Collar Crimes
These crimes are typically financial based and they largely operate of means of fraud and deception. There is generally no violence involved but that does not mean that they cannot lead to immense repercussions.

You Can Fight a Criminal Charge

When you are dealt with criminal charges, you are not without options and you are not alone. There are many valid reasons that a person can be wrongfully accused, along with many mistakes by officers that discredit evidence or give a person a higher sentencing than they deserve. When you intention is to fight the allegations that have been placed against you, the first step is to contact an attorney from my firm. Having a professional will give you insight into how to proceed that you would otherwise be unaware of. An attorney can be present through all aspects of your case, including the initial interrogations by police in which they will try to get you to say anything incriminating.

After that it is important to begin an investigation. Law enforcement will be looking for any evidence they can to put you in a bad light, but an attorney can seek to counter that. This may include another investigation into the proceedings of police officers. Many times they will over step their boundaries or become overzealous and make a mistake that puts a suspect at a loss. If this is brought to attention, evidence may be disregarded and you may be able to have your name cleared. The main goal is always to have charged dropped completely, but in some cases where this is not possible, there may still be the option of having penalties reduced. This can be a significant benefit to those at odds with the law and may involve taking years off of jail time or thousands off of fines. To find out more about criminal charges and how they can be fought, contact my firm directly.

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