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Pre-Arrest: Acting Fast

Successful criminal defense depends on taking action as early as possible. If you believe that you are under investigation for a crime, you should not hesitate to call The Law Office of John M. Cromwell for help. I have nearly a quarter century of experience defending individuals from all walks of life, and I can meet with you for a consultation in English or Spanish at your earliest convenience. I have dedicated my career to helping people in your position, and I know how important it may be for you to avoid the embarrassment and stress which can result from an arrest.

Retaining legal representation during the investigation may make it possible to prevent the situation from going any further, as I can intervene with the investigators to clear up any confusions, such as if you are the wrong suspect. I can also seek to negotiate a favorable plea bargain if that is the best possible outcome. If you are contacted by phone or otherwise and requested to come into the police station for questioning, it is not advisable to do so.

It is highly likely that you will walk in, but you will not walk out. When the police want to question you about a crime, they usually already believe that you are guilty and merely want to gather any remaining evidence to support the case in court, and even seemingly innocent statements or answers you might give could lead to your arrest.

Call me as soon as possible after you have been contacted about an investigation, even if you are certain that proving your innocence should be a simple matter. The situation could easily get out of control, and it is wise to have an experienced White Plains criminal defense lawyer by your side you to advise you of your options and to speak on your behalf with the police. You have a Constitutional right to remain silent, and I will help you exercise this right in the defense of your freedom.

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