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Defending Murder Charges

If you are under investigation for murder, it is crucial that you retain private legal representation immediately by contacting a White Plains criminal defense lawyer. My name is Attorney John M. Cromwell, and over the past 24 years, I have defended thousands of individuals on all types of charges, including murder. If you manage to involve my services in the pre-arrest phase of the investigation, I may be able to intervene to resolve the situation before charges are pressed against you. If you are in contact with a loved one in custody on suspicion of murder, you cannot overemphasize the importance of refraining from discussing the situation with the police or anyone else. Call me immediately so that I can speak with investigators and work to minimize the consequences you face.

In order to prove that you committed murder, the prosecutor will have to demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that you intended to kill the other person and that it was not an act of self-defense or an accident. The laws regarding first and second degree murder and are complex, and it requires extensive legal knowledge and experience to establish an effective defense strategy. I will make an exhaustive study of every aspect of your case, from witness statements to physical evidence and the arrest report, to discover the best way to challenge the charges against you.

How to Dispute Charges

Depending on the circumstances, it will either be best to pursue an acquittal by proving your innocence, a dismissal through demonstrating that the evidence is insufficient or unreliable, or to negotiate a reduction of the charges to a less serious crime such as manslaughter. I believe that no matter what type of evidence there may be, you deserve dedicated representation and a fair trial. Many people are falsely accused and wrongfully convicted of murder, and when the penalty ranges as high as life in prison, you owe it to yourself to find the best legal defense you can find.

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