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Choose an Attorney Who Will Truly Listen to You

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When you have been arrested and charged with a crime, it can be easy to feel that everyone is against you. You deserve to have someone who will listen to you with respect, without judging you, who knows that you are a good person and wants to help you get a second chance. Talking to the police will not help, as anything you say to investigators will only be used to build the evidence against you, and even innocent statements may be misconstrued to incriminate you. Police are even allowed to lie during questioning in order to get you to confess.

My name is Attorney John M. Cromwell, and after spending nearly a quarter century defending the rights of the accused, I understand how stressful this situation may be for you. My years of experience have taught me that success in criminal defense is partly dependent on being able to clearly and persuasively present an idea to a client in a consultation, in negotiations with the District Attorney and before a jury. I have learned that a truly excellent lawyer also knows how to listen to witnesses delivering testimony in a trial, to prosecutors presenting arguments, to judges delivering verdicts , and most importantly, to clients discussing their concerns.

Listening takes time. Listening takes patience. Listening takes practice. I will always set aside enough time to really listen to you, whether it is in the privacy of my office or in a private conference room at court. I will be there for you when you need me, promptly returning your phone calls, answering your questions, and carefully explaining your legal options in terms you can understand. I love to discuss problems, to teach, to explain, to connect, to communicate, and to advocate for my clients. It is one reason I knew I wanted to be a trial lawyer. It is often a lot harder to listen than to talk, and I take great pride in being a good listener.

Standing by You During this Difficult Time

Anything you say to me in private after retaining my services as a White Plains criminal defense lawyer is legally protected by the attorney-client privilege, and it is safe to tell me whatever you choose to. I represent people who have been falsely accused, as well as those who committed the crime, and I will not judge you for speaking honestly with me. My goal is to do everything I can to protect your right to a fair trial and help you avoid the severe punishment that is a result of conviction.

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