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Accused of Petty Theft in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy?

Hurricane Sandy has brought on chaos in the state of New York, and many have lost their homes and possessions to the floodwaters and rain. Unfortunately, this means that many people are missing valuables that were very precious to them. While chances are that many of these items merely got lost in the disorder following the hurricane, some may accuse others of stealing their possessions. If you have been charged with petty theft, then you may have to spend up to a time in jail and pay a fine up to $500. Petty theft is stealing an item that is worth less than $1,000. Those who are proven guilty of committing petit larceny or petty theft can be punished by up to six months in incarceration or fined.

Petit larceny has a variety of forms. A person can be accused of petty theft if they try on clothes in a dressing room and then leave the store wearing them without paying. A person can also be charged with this crime if he or she eats food in a store without purchasing it at the store, or smuggles items from a store. Stealing items that are under $1,000 from a residency would merit the same penalty.

If you are accused of petit larceny during this trying time in New York’s history, you are going to want a hardworking attorney there to advocate for you. At the Law Offices of John M. Cromwell we understand that you may have been framed or that a confused individual may be falsely accusing you of stealing when their item was lost in the mayhem. Contact a Bronx criminal defense attorney today if you need more information about petty theft in the state of New York or if you want criminal representation in a case. We will work hard to gather the evidence that we need to prove that you are innocent and don’t deserve to be punished!

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