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New York Nanny Accused of Assault

Every day, millions of parents leave their children with nannies while they go off to work or run errands. The parents trust their nannies to be patient with the children while they go about their day. Yet one nanny allegedly broke all expectations when she stabbed the children in her care. Allegedly, the deranged nanny found a knife and had shoved her two charges into the bathtub. There, she stabbed them over and over and then began to attack herself in an apparent suicide attempt. The police officers rushed to the scene of the accident when the children’s mother arrived back from a day of work and discovered the horrific scene in the bathroom.

Her screams caused a neighbor to arrive in the apartment, and the neighbor then contact 911. The police officers were saddened when they found the 6-year-old girl and her 1-year-old bother in the bathtub suffering from multiple stab wounds. The children were rushed to a Children’s Hospital but could not be saved. The nanny was taken to the Weill Cornell Medical College and is now in critical condition. The instrument of terror, a bloody kitchen knife, was discovered on the floor hear her body. If she survives, chances are that the nanny will be charged with the murder of the two children in her care. The parents are currently mourning the loss of their two loved ones, and may file a wrongful death lawsuit against the nanny that will be treated separately from the criminal trial.

If you have been accused of attacking, abusing, or wounding children in your care, then you are going to want a criminal defense attorney on your side to advocate for you in court. We understand that the situation may be misinterpreted. Maybe you were attacked by another party, or in cases of neglect there may be another party involved. According to the New York Penal Code §125.25 murder in the second degree is considered a killing that was intended but was done under the influence of extreme emotional disturbance. If the defense can prove that the nanny in this story was emotionally disturbed and it was because of this situation that she was not able to think clearly and committed her actions.

Once step under second degree murder is the crime of first-degree manslaughter, which is a killing that was not premeditated. First-degree manslaughter is a crime where injury was intended but a killing was not. There are also times that a court will recognize manslaughter if a criminal intended to kill one party but accidentally killed another in the process. Contact a criminal defense attorney at our firm for more information about defense in a murder or manslaughter trial, or to get the information that you need!

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