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Blog Posts in 2013

Changes in Domestic Violence Investigations

When officers are called to a domestic dispute, they will often be on the side of the victim from the start and are not always open to hearing the fully story. They can be quick to judge the accused ...
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Internet Crime Rises Significantly

New York is a state that is known for having a high rate of crime. Over the years a change has been seen in how this crime takes place. While violent crime, drug crime and DWIs are always a problem, ...
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Suspect Accused of Previously Unresolved Murder Cases

A murder that took place around 20 years ago has recently gained further closure. The suspect, LC, is also accused of additional matters that came out once he had been taken into custody. LC confessed ...
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Be Careful What You Post

The use of social media has penetrated our culture and seeped its influence into countless areas of our lives. It seems that everyone has some form of a profile these days and sometimes what we reveal ...
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The Criminal Process

The first step in the criminal process is when you become a suspect for a crime. This may be a smaller event such as driving with a blood alcohol content level over the legal limit. It may also be ...
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Can I Fight a DWI?

It is a common misconception that many people believe. When an officer pulls you over and slaps you with a DWI charge, you might believe that is the end and you can only deal with the penalties from ...
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