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Internet Crime Rises Significantly

New York is a state that is known for having a high rate of crime. Over the years a change has been seen in how this crime takes place. While violent crime, drug crime and DWIs are always a problem, more and more issues are growing online. Not only has cyber-crime continued to a be a substantial problem, the District Attorney for Manhattan stated that it is now the fasted growing trend for crime in the state. This is due to many reasons, including the greater safety, the convenience, the wide spread influence that can be gained online and the ability to remain hidden. Crime can literally be committed from a living room and this is an appealing option for many. The area of Manhattan has seen a great rise, and prosecutors for the location state that they have seen an increase of 50 percent during the past five years.

More and more research is evidencing that not only is this a problem there, but across the nation the trend of online criminal activity is being observed. Those that are found and prosecuted for these instances can face a range of repercussions. Online crime may break both state or federal law. There are different types of crimes that can be committed and this will be a main deciding factor on the penalties. Fraud is a major issue and with many people giving their personal information away online, the internet is an easy way to take advantage of this. The organization of crime can also be carried out online. This may be transferring illegal drugs across different boarders. While in the past less attention was given to these areas, the increase has made it more of a focus for law enforcement and they are making it a main priority. The Law Office of John M. Cromwell provides aggressive defense in these cases and my firm will fight to protect you freedom against allegations.

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