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Recent Posts in Assault Category

Warrant Required for Blood Sample, but Not For Breath US Supreme Court Rules.

By a 7 -1 margin, the Country’s highest court has ruled that police must obtain a warrant, absent exigent circumstances, in order to extract blood from a suspect for purposes to use as evidence ...
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Vandalism on Halloween: Avoid the Temptation

Halloween is a time for mischief, but you should keep your tricks to innocent jokes, rather than full-blown vandalism. Every year, teenagers and adults alike will egg cars, graffiti on homes, and ...
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Halloween Sex Offender Laws

If you are a registered sex offender, you may be curious as to how this will impact your Halloween. Typically, Halloween involves opening your door to greet dozens of costumed children and giving them ...
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New York Nanny Accused of Assault

Every day, millions of parents leave their children with nannies while they go off to work or run errands. The parents trust their nannies to be patient with the children while they go about their ...
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Judge Finds Teen Accused of Assaulting Ex-girlfriend Not Guilty

Following a two-day non-jury trial, a New York City Criminal Court judge found my 17-year-old client not guilty on all counts, finding the complainant's testimony incredible. Specifically, the ...
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